Experience why “Fall is for Planting”

Fall has officially arrived on the calendar and we are enjoying our second straight week of near perfect autumn weather. This is a great time to be outside doing the many fall gardening activities. This is the time to apply pre-emergent weed killers to control winter weeds and grasses and the final lawn fertilizer for the year. You can do both at once with a weed and feed type product. For years nurseries advertised “Fall is for Planting” and indeed this is a great time to plant container grown trees and shrubs in your yard. The roots will grow through the winter and the cooler weather will cause less transplanting stress and they will be ready to sprout out with new energy next spring. This is also a good time to plant additional perennials in your yard.

Hardy Mums are the star of the fall garden. Many varieties are just bursting into color and most varieties will stay showy until our first hard freeze in November. You can buy them now, in color, at your local nursery. They are available in hundreds of varieties and a virtual rainbow of colors like yellow, bronze, ruby red, pink, orange, white and lavender. The flowers are available in daisy, spoon, button and small and large double styles. They vary some in growth style from shorter cushion mums of 12” to 18” tall to the larger Belgian style hardy mums that can grow to over 3’ tall. Most all varieties make a nice mound of color and are perennials that will come back year after year with a little attention to watering. They make a spectacular display in front flower beds, by outdoor patios or even in container gardens and urns on your front porch or patio.

Nothing says fall like football season and hardy mums and our friends down at the University of Oklahoma in Norman combine these two fall traditions into an impressive display on their main oval each fall. It is one of Oklahoma’s most spectacular floral displays. Even an old OSU guy like me has to tip my hat to them for this impressive hardy mum display that is well worth a visit to Norman. It will make you want to plant 1 gallon, 2 gallon or larger hardy mums in your yard.

This is also the time to start sowing your fescue grass seed if you want a green winter lawn. You can also start planting pansies, kale and cabbage for fall and winter color. Enjoy fall and get outside in the yard and experience why “Fall is for Planting”.


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