Winter’s grip has Oklahoma gardens suffering

Oklahoma has now experienced a couple of strong arctic blasts and  it is truly winter in the Oklahoma garden.  We have been so dry that we are in danger of winter damage to many of our shrubs and perennials from  dehydrating in these extended cold temperatures.  Unless we get some good rain or significant snowfall soon, you should take advantage of a nice day to thoroughly soak the ground around your trees, shrubs & perennials  with water to limit this dehydration and help protect these permanent plants from winter temperatures.

The Oklahoma Home and Garden Show will be this weekend,  January 21-23 at the State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City.  The show will feature about 400 exhibitors, many special presentations and programs and some very nice installed landscapes to give you ideas you can use in your yard.  We no longer have a gardening only show in Oklahoma City so this is the next best thing.  There are a number of nurseries and landscapers who exhibit in addition to the roofing, window, pool, patio and many other home type exhibitors.  Usually about one fourth to one third of the show is gardening related.  It is also a good opportunity to learn about the gardening support services of the Extension Center, Master Gardeners, The Oklahoma Horticulture Society and many other gardening groups.

This is a great time of year for gardeners to look through seed catalogs, read gardening books, join a horticultural group or attend a gardening show to get a vision and ideas to put into action this Spring.  Remember the old gardening statement “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now.” Use these winter months to plan how you want to change or re-new your landscape and what new projects you want to tackle. The gardening show will also feature exhibits on garden ponds, vegetable gardening and hardscaping in addition to featuring new plant materials.

This is a great time of year to add more foliage or house plants in your living space.  They liven up and beautify the house, produce fresh oxygen and help clean up air pollution while we have the house all sealed up for winter.  We seem to appreciate house plants most during this season when the days are shorter, most of the great outdoors is brown and in hibernation and we are spending more time inside.  Visit your local greenhouse, nursery or florist and select several new foliage plants to liven up your environment.


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