Make holiday memories using greenery and Christmas flowers

Christmas is just days away and the excitement is growing for young and old as we prepare to enjoy this Holy day and all the family celebrations.  Hopefully you have gotten in the spirit and have selected a Christmas tree, wreath and other greens to help create the atmosphere for these holiday festivities.  The beautiful and elegant poinsettias, Christmas cactus, Amaryllis and many other flowers can help get us in the Christmas mood and add color and pizzazz to our holiday experience.  Many of these horticultural delights became a part of our Christmas memories. Select and dig or cut a Christmas tree with your family, shop for poinsettias with Grandma and share them with relatives who can’t get out. Make a wreath with Mom or Dad from the branches off the juniper in the backyard while creating memories for a lifetime.  Hunt for opportunities to make memories with your family and friends this Christmas.  That could even be after Christmas when you plant your living Christmas tree in the yard or take your cut tree to a recycler to grind into mulch or to weight down in a farm pond to create fish habitat.

Plants of all types are always a good gift for gardeners, but there are many  gift options for those in your life who like to spend time in their yard or gardening.  You can always give garden tools, gloves or pruning tools.  You may give a specific plant you’ve heard them talking about or longing for.  You might consider a membership in the Oklahoma Horticulture Society,  the Myriad Gardens Conservatory or the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden.  You could give a good gardening book, a trip on a horticultural tour or a subscription to a horticultural magazine.  Our state and most every yard could use more trees so consider giving a special tree or shrub.  If the particular tree, shrub or rose is not available at this time of year, you could give a gift certificate from their favorite nursery or garden center so that they select the right plant at the proper season.  Years ago, my brothers and I gave a gift certificate to our grandparents to help in their yard the following spring and then we actually did it.  That was a special gift for Grandma and Grandpa and for us as we really cherish the memories of that time spent together visiting and telling stories while working in their garden.  You may want to give a certificate of your own to help out with pruning, planting, mowing or some other gardening activity to one of your loved ones.

Christmas is a very special time that should be full of reflection, memories, time with family and loved ones.  We hope that you won’t just rush through these events but will make time to enjoy one another and make special new memories to reflect back on in future years.

Take time to sing some Christmas songs around your Christmas tree, to light candles around the poinsettias while you share family stories and to soak in the scent of fresh evergreens as you enjoy the holiday feasts. Merry Christmas to all!


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