Planting Time is Finally Here

Plant away!  Plant away!  It is finally time to plant all the warm season vegetables and annuals.  It is a great time to plant trees, shrubs, perennials, Bermuda grass seed and just about anything that grows! We have passed our last average frost date, the days are rapidly getting longer, the earth has rotated to where the sun is getting brighter and most all living things are ready for a big spring growth spurt!  Many of you have been making fun of me for encouraging you to be patient and wait to plant this year  but historically that was the right advice.  This is a year the early birds won!  They actually got away with planting 3 or 4 weeks early as we have gone weeks without a hard freeze or even a killing frost. 

 Now even the most conservative and cautious Oklahoma gardeners should historically be safe to plant our tomatoes, peppers, petunias, begonias and impatiens.  There are a few real hot weather crops that normally would do best if you wait to plant them until May 1 or after like caladiums, sweet potatoes and many tropical plants.  But this year, who knows, you may be OK even if you planted those weeks ago. 

 This is the challenge and joy that faces all farmers and gardeners.  We get to deal with lots of factors beyond our control.  We try to make wise decisions and then hope and pray for the best while trying to assist Mother Nature with a little watering, trimming, weeding and mulching to improve our crop results.

 Now that it is planting time, the quicker you plant means more growing season your plants can take advantage of, more spring rains they can enjoy and put to use, more cool spring weather they can enjoy and grow with before the challenges of summer heat.  Besides planting, this is a good time to feed your trees, shrubs, lawn and other plants if you have not already fed your plants this season.  You will want to mulch your flower beds with some type of bark or hulls before the summer heat and the sooner you do that after planting means less weeding and less extra watering.

Besides planting your vegetable garden to produce fresh food for your tummy and flower gardens to feed your soul, don’t forget to plant up and enjoy container gardens and hanging baskets.  Container gardens can really liven up your porch, patio and outdoor living areas to bring color and excitement to the areas where you spend much of your outdoor time.

We apologize for holding you back and wasting a full month of perfectly good growing season the way 2012 has developed.  We hope you will join us in getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors in your own yard.  You can beautify your property and enjoy producing your own food while soaking up some renewing sunshine and fresh Oklahoma air.  It doesn’t get much better than springtime in Oklahoma.


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