End Of Fall Sowing

We are in the heart of fall and nearing the end of the growing season for most of the annuals and warm season crops.  Our first freeze often happens in early November.  Make time to enjoy the fall burst of new production on your tomatoes and other veggies that survived the heat of summer and the harvest from your fall garden you planted back in late summer.  You may be enjoying the fall color of naked lady or lycoris bulbs as they flower without any foliage.  This is also the time to enjoy a last round of color from all your flowering annuals and to enjoy the symphony of fall color on your trees and shrubs as they begin to show their fall colors before dropping and blowing into history and becoming compost for the future.

There are many things to plant at this season of fall.  You should be winding up your sowing of tall fescue and rye grass if you want a green winter lawn or fields. This is a wonderful time to plant trees and shrubs to replace trees damaged in the storms of the last few years or that have died from old age.  Shade trees, fruit trees and shrubs planted in the fall will get a big head start on rooting in to their new home before facing their first hot dry Oklahoma summer in their new home.  The roots will grow most all winter, helping new landscape plantings to get established to create wind breaks or natural fences, to provide shade and to make a landscape statement.  Remember that plantings of trees and shrubs are the foundation of any good landscape and their value and impact grows every year until they die.

There is an ever growing palette of fall color plants to jazz up your fall garden and add excitement to your yard and outdoor living.  The hardy mums or chrysanthemums and hardy asters are in full color and most varieties will stay showy through several light frosts.  You can buy full grown hardy mums or asters in many sizes to add to existing flowerbeds or container gardens or to create a whole new experience.   Flowering kale and flowering cabbage are two popular fall crops that will make a colorful impact well into the Oklahoma winter.  Pansies and violas are my favorite plant for winter color.  They would be fun, charming and beautiful at any time of year.  They have a special impact as one of the few flowers that bloom right through the winter when few other plants bloom or are seasonally showy across Oklahoma.  The selection of pansy varieties and colors has grown dramatically in recent years.  You can select a multitude of single color or multicolored pansies in all tones of purple, blue, red, burgundy, white, yellow and orange.  You can do mass plantings of a single variety or mixed plantings of many or several colors and varieties.  My favorites are the multicolored varieties where the pansy faces have one color on the upper petals and another color on the cheeks or lower petals of each pansy flower. Have fun selecting and planting your pansies and other fall flowers and spring flowering bulbs and enjoy the autumn colors as the trees march into fall.


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