Christmas is only ten days away but the Christmas celebrations often stretch into January.  You still have time to put up a Christmas tree, hang evergreen garlands and wreaths and to decorate with colorful poinsettias.  If you want to use a living Christmas tree of a pine or juniper that can then be planted outside this is the perfect time to set up your living tree.  They should not be inside for as long as a cut tree because we don’t want to get them too dried out or too soft from the warm indoor conditions that they will not adjust well when you take them outside after ten to fifteen days to plant in the yard.  Make sure to water the living Christmas tree when you bring it indoors and to check it each week while it is indoors.   If they get to dry they will drop needles or leaves and it will impact how well they adjust when you plant then outside.  Living trees are a great way to add to your landscape while preserving the memories for years to come of your family Christmas festivities.

If you have gardeners, new home owners or plant lovers on your gift list you may want to consider a horticultural gift for them.  Flowers and plants are always a great gift and can brighten up most everyone’s day.  Gifts can be as simple as a bokay of cut flowers, a gift of a special plant you know they love or want.  If you know that they like roses consider gifting a rose bush or a gift certificate from their favorite garden center for a rose bush next spring.  If they have a new house and need trees or shrubs consider a gift of trees or shrubs or a gift certificate so they can choose their own when they are ready.

Garden tools, garden equipment, gloves decorative containers to add to their porch or patio hits the spot with many gardeners.  Flower bulbs, seeds packets, seed starting supplies, water hoses and sprinklers all make good gifts for gardeners.  If you are thinking of a larger gift for a spouse, mom or dad you might consider a hobby greenhouse, a gazebo or outdoor living area.   There is a huge selection of gardening books, gardening magazine subscriptions or even gardening classes and workshops that might make a good gift for the gardener or want to be gardener in your life.  You could even gift a membership in the Oklahoma Horticulture Society, the Myriad Gardens Conservatory or the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

If you know the specific areas of interest of your gardening friends you can give to that specific interest but there are countless ideas for gardening gifts that will be appreciated by all gardeners.  Visit your local greenhouse, garden center or nursery and let them help you find just the right gift for all the gardeners on your list.  Enjoy your poinsettias and other holiday plants and enjoy the season as you spend time with family and friends.


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