Reap the rewards of a beautiful garden

WOW, Last week was absolutely gorgeous and really lived up to those images and dreams of the magical springs of my childhood. I hope you have already been active in planting vegetables, flowers, trees, roses and other wonders of the plant world in your yard. If not, time is a wastin’ as this is the very best season to be planting just about everything.

One by product of the economic uncertainty is that folks seem to be spending more time at home either because they aren’t working as many hours or are just watching their expenses. As a result we are seeing lots more people planting vegetable gardens or sprucing up their patios and yards with pretty flowers since they plan to be home to enjoy it more this year.

The good news is that gardening efforts have multiple paybacks. Investments in vegetable, berry and fruit gardening not only gives you very healthy, home grown produce that tastes better but it is fairly easy to produce $500.00 worth of produce in a very small 100 or 150 square foot vegetable garden with an investment of about $100.00 for transplants and fertilizer. The time spent in the garden can be a very healthy workout and provide some needed sun exposure. Gardening is a wonderful time to meditate, reflect and think while getting a refreshing dose of fresh air.

It has been a lot of fun to visit with so many new and first time gardeners this year. Even my sister in law, Heather and her children, Sydney and Cody are tackling their first vegetable garden and it has been fun to hear the excitement in their voices as they prepared their soil, selected their plants and planted their first tomatoes, peppers and eggplants and started seeds of squash and watermelons. Hopefully they will enjoy this experience and become regular gardeners. In many households and families these skills have almost been lost as many have gone a generation or two buying everything at the grocery store or hiring out their gardening. Many folks have missed this special experience to commune with nature, to enjoy their own fresh healthy produce, their own beautiful inspiring flowers, the success, the joys and the disappointments and frustrations of growing living things.

If you want to liven up your yard with beautiful, uplifting flowers or want to add trees and shrubs to your landscape this is a great time to get outside and just do it. You will reap the dividends later this year in pretty flowers and for years to come when planting trees and shrubs. Trees not only are beautiful and healthy but when properly placed can reduce your heating and cooling bills, will provide you fresh oxygen and absorb and use carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. Trees, shrubs and landscaping can dramatically improve home values and make your property more marketable. Schedule some time to get outside and plant your yard and container gardens and no time beats now.


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