It’s almost perfect planting conditions in Oklahoma

Two weeks ago we were really dry and on the verge of drought conditions. How quickly things can change. Now most of the state has been blessed with lots of good soaking rains and many areas are now above normal rainfall for the year. As long as you have well drained soil where your plants aren’t standing in water this has been very good for the plants you have already planted this spring. I have already purchased quite a few more plants to put out, but it has just been too wet to get out and plant them. I don’t like working in the soil when it is really muddy since besides being very messy it compacts the soil and can actually hurt the soil structure and reduce soil quality.

With just a couple of nice spring days the soil will dry out enough to create perfect planting conditions. A friend recently called this the season to dig, plant, water, feed, water and enjoy. Whether your “enjoy” is color and pretty flowers or fresh vegetables and fruit, this is an absolutely fabulous time to dig, plant and feed after these cleansing and refreshing spring rains. We are still at the start of the season and you can get the full benefits of gardening by planting soon.  After all these leaching rains and with our plants in their fastest growth phase of the year this is a great time of the year to fertilize your plants. Remember to water in the fertilizer, if we don’t get more rain within a day or two after you apply the fertilizer.

Hopefully, you have had a soil test, so you will know what kind of fertilizer you need. If not,  I would suggest a good general purpose food where the numbers of N-P-K add up to over 20 like 20 – 10 – 20.  We usually have enough phosphorous in our state so you can generally go lighter on the middle number of phosphorus. Our soils are usually short on nitrogen, the first number so it is often our most needed element. Treat your lawn, trees and flowers to some food. Be responsible and don’t over fertilize but the right fertilizer can make your plants much healthier and will result in more flowers and produce.           

This is also a great time to plant your container gardens so you can enjoy them on your patio, porch or even sitting in your flowerbeds. Now is the best of times to get outside and enjoy time in your garden.


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