‘Fall Is for Planting’ with prices down, supply up

When I was a youngster, years ago, the nursery industry organized a “Fall is for Planting” promotion. Most folks think of spring as the time to plant everything from vegetables to flowering annuals, shrubs, trees, wild flowers and perennials and indeed spring is a good time to plant most crops. The “Fall is for Planting” promotion never got enough funding to really get the word out to the public but the idea is a good one.

Fall is a very good time to plant fescue and rye grass seed, hardy mums, pansies, flowering kale and cabbage, and most of the spring flowering bulbs. Fall is a great time to plant container grown trees and shrubs. Many nurserymen think it is the very best season for planting trees and shrubs as the soil is still warm enough that the roots will still grow and root out into their new environment before the soil freezes. This helps the trees and shrubs get established this fall. Fall planted trees will usually take off much quicker next spring since they will have already rooted into their new soil home. As a result they handle the stress of their first summer better than spring planted trees.

The Oklahoma Nurserymen held their convention this last week and I can tell you that it has been years since this many nice trees and shrubs have been available and at these prices. The economy has slowed down new home and commercial construction and this has resulted in a large supply of nice trees and shrubs on the market. Depending on the size tree or shrub you are considering the nurserymen probably started that plant and committed time and resources to its production 1 ½ to 8 years ago, long before the economy slowed down.  It is always a good idea and a good investment to add trees and shrubs to your property. There has never been a better time to buy and plant trees and the oversupply has reduced prices and resulted in a great availability of just about any species and size tree you want to add to your property.

Take a look at your yard and decide if you need to add trees to your front or back yard to provide shade, save energy, create wind breaks, provide shelter for birds and wildlife, replace trees damaged in recent ice storms or just to beautify the neighborhood. Consider adding trees to your local school, church property or your neighborhood parks. While picking out your hardy mums, pansies, tulip and daffodil bulbs consider buying some trees and shrubs to add to your yard for long term impact because Fall really is for Planting.


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