Planting in Oklahoma fall pays off now and in future

Fall is for planting and there are many crops you can plant now. Plant hardy mums for color now and in future years. Plant pansies in a sunny spot for color all winter, even when there is snow on the ground.

Plant ornamental kale and cabbage to make a nice show with their unique colored foliage this fall and sometimes all winter if we don’t get too cold. Plant trees and shrubs to beautify your yard and help clean up the environment now and for decades or even centuries to come. Plant tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, crocus, dutch iris and other spring flowering bulbs to make a big flower show next spring. Many bulbs, particularly daffodils will naturalize to rebloom for years to come. Plant fescue or perennial rye grass seed to green up your winter lawn.

This is the season when everyone gets nervous about losing their annuals and tropicals for the season when we get our first hard freeze. We don’t lose all plants at the same time. Some tender plants will surrender when we drop to the mid thirty’s while other hardier plants or plants in protected micro climates may stay active down to the high twenty’s or even the low twenty’s before freezing out for the year.  We often get a nice Indian Summer of two to six weeks after a freeze or two so many folks try to protect their tomatoes, peppers, other vegetables or showy annuals and hardy mum flowers from the first couple of frosts.  You can cover tender plants with a fabric sheet or blanket or by buying some reemay fabric, using hot caps or wall-o-waters designed to give some extra temperature protection in the garden from these early sporadic freezes.

This is the season when lots of gardeners think about building a hobby greenhouse. There are kits available from under a thousand dollars to over twenty thousand dollars depending on the size, type of glazing, weight of the frame, whether designed for code or non code application and whether the frame is painted a special color. You can build your own wood or metal frame or buy one of these kits to assemble yourself or have installed by a professional crew. The most popular glazings are corrugated and twin wall greenhouse grade polycarbonate panels which have a ten year warranty and should last about twenty years. Fancier glazings include corrugated or twinwall acrylic panels and single layer or insulated glass. Greenhouse grade clear copolymer plastic films would be the least expensive glazing and are available in one and four year films.

Take time to enjoy your fall garden and remember fall is for planting.


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